A Typical School Day in Kumasi, Ghana

Ghana, West Africa

Kumasi is found at the heart of the Republic of Ghana


The name of our school is Best Brain International School.

This is how our school day starts:

A child wakes up mostly with sibling at about 5:30am and prepare for school


These are the colors of the school uniform of Best Brain International School


Little Kwasi Okyere, our model pupil (student) put on his school uniform


This is the main two story building of Best Brain International School


This is the arrival of students at the school's premises


It is a usual practice for students to pray before class activities starts


Students march to classrooms in ascending order (from lower classes to upper classes) with drum rhythm


Here is a video showing students marching to classroom


A Typical School Day in Reefton, New Zealand

We’re excited to add our video of a typical school day in Reefton, New Zealand.


We live in a small community of about 900 on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Our school is an Area School, which means we have students from Year 1-13 (5-18 years old). There are about 200 students at our school.

We have 21 students aged 6 and 7 in our class, a mascot (a kea called Quicksilver) and two teachers.

Mrs McKenzie first came to teach in Reefton in 1983, and she takes the class for maths, literacy and art, and Mrs Webb who takes Topic, PE, Arts and handwriting.

Our school year started at the end of January and will finish for the summer on December 12.

Thanks for watching! We’ve enjoyed sharing our day with you.
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A Typical School Day in California

We so enjoyed Mr. Salsich’s class slide show and Mrs. Watson’s video! We are excited to share a typical California day with our new friends!

We are a suburban community with a school population of about 600 students. In our class, we have 25 third graders, a helpful mascot named Panda, and a large bear named Beverly who is barely awake most days! Our teacher is Mrs. Yollis, and she has been teaching students at our school for twenty-five years!

We started school on August 24 and the year ends on June 12.


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Typical California School Day on PhotoPeach

We are happy to answer any questions you have!

A Typical School Day in Sointula, Canada

We loved Mr. Salsich’s slideshow so much that we wanted to share our typical school day with you too.

Our school is located on a little island off the West Coast of Canada. 800 people live on our island and there are 50 students in our school from kindergarten to grade 7. Our school seems very small compared to a lot of schools we hear about.

We started school on September 6th this year and will go until the end of June. We made this video to show you what a typical day at our school looks like. We hope you like it!

A Typical School Day in Connecticut

Welcome to the first week of the “Our World, Our Stories” project!

The topic that we will be sharing this week is:

“A Typical School Day”


Mr. Salsich’s class from Connecticut, USA is very excited to get the sharing started.

Connecticut, USA


We live in a small rural/suburban town on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are 21 students in our class.

Below is a slideshow of what a “typical” school day is like for us.

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How is your school day similar to ours?

How is your school day different from ours?

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