Favorite Recess Game: California

                                  Our recess post is a little late! Better late than never! 🙂

California, USA


A favorite recess game at our school is called


Here is a video demonstrating how the game is played.

(Beverly loves to watch Bamboo, but Panda prefers to eat it!)



Would you like to play Bamboo?

Do you have any unusual equipment at your school that has lead to a new game?

Our Favourite Break Activities in Belize

Here in Belize, we have great weather, so we play outside for break and after we eat our lunch.

Here are some of the things we love to do:

Play Marbles
Play Volleyball
Skip Rope

Today we had our penmanship class and for our activity we each wrote, in cursive, what our favorite activity is!

Happy Break Time Everyone!

Recess and Lunch Activities in Sointula, Canada

It has been very interesting to see what students in other parts of the world do during their recess and lunch breaks.

Here in Sointula we play outside during our breaks unless it is very rainy. It rains a lot here and so we only have an In Day if it is super miserable out. We do have a covered area and the forest where we can keep dry when it is raining.

Here are a few photos of what we like to do outside:
Recess and Lunch in Sointula on PhotoPeach

Recess in Connecticut

We have really enjoyed learning about recess and lunch activities in Australia and New Zealand!

We wanted to share some of the things we do during recess here in Connecticut, USA.

Connecticut, USA

Our lunch time is pretty short, only 30 minutes, so we will just focus on recess. Here is a video about some of the things we enjoy during recess.

(If you have any trouble watching the video on the blog, here it is on SchoolTube.)


Thanks for watching!

Recess and Lunch Activities in Leopold, Australia


It is Week Two of the “Our World, Our Stories” project!

The topic that we will be sharing this week is:

“Recess and Lunch Time Activities”

There are 45 students in 2KM and 2KJ and we are in Grade Two at Leopold Primary School. We live in Australia, in the state of Victoria.

Our teachers, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan, team teach in a big open classroom and we complete all of our learning activities together. Leo is our special class mascot and he loves to blog as much as we do!

Our school year began in February and we only have eight weeks until the end of the year!

Check out our slideshow to find out what is in our school playground and what we enjoy doing at recess and lunch times.

Do you have any questions for us?

How is your recess or lunch time similar/different to ours?

What do you enjoy doing at recess and lunch times?