Mr Salsich’s Class

Mr. Salsich’s class has 21 caring, creative students. There are 9 girls and 12 boys. We are in grade 3, and most of us are 8 or 9 years old. You can visit our blog here.

Our Class!

  Our school is located in Connecticut, USA.

We live in a beautiful coastal town right between New York City and Boston.


Connecticut, USA

Because our town is right on the coast, we do a lot of swimming, sailing, and boating during the hot summer. Autumn has beautiful fall leaves, apple picking and pumpkin carving. Winter gets very cold, and sometimes we even miss school because of Snow Days.


2 thoughts on “Mr Salsich’s Class

  1. Hi Jonah,

    There were two cordial friends: the Baboon and the Tortoise. One day, considering the limitations of the tortoise, Baboon asked: “My friend tortoise, we have been friends for a while, but I have been wondering; should my mother die, how are you to accompany me to my mother’s funeral, since you cannot climb”. The tortoise said: “My good friend, leave considerations to future, necessity is the mother of inventions”.

    No longer days had this dialogue ensued between the two friends, than a message came that the baboon’s mother is dead and arrangements have been made for her funeral in the trees.The baboon sadly climbed back into the trees.

    But the tortoise sent a message to the vulture that he cannot be holding his baggage along so the vulture should kindly lift his(Tortoise)baggage up the trees; whilst he(Tortoise) slowly climb up to the trees.

    Amazed at the tortoise’ message, Baboon got angry at the vulture and shouted at him that all that Vulture was saying are tales. This was because he knew the tortoise is even worse than a cripple when it comes to climbing to the trees.

    But all of a sudden, a loud burst of laughter entered the room and there appeared the tortoise crawling out of the baggage. The tortoise said “I once told you necessity is the mother of inventions”. There was a mixture of happiness and sadness as the friends celebrated the funeral.

    Even though I don’t know much about blogging, when the time is due, we will know how to get around the situation.

    Andy Boachie

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