About the Project

After months of planning, Our World, Our Stories was launched on Monday 24th October.

Classes involved

The students are all from junior primary classes and are from three different continents and six countries.

2KM and 2KJ from Victoria, Australia

B4 from New Zealand

Mrs Yollis’ third grade class from California, USA

Mr Salsich’s third grade class from Connecticut, USA

Melody Watson’s 2/3 class from Canada

Andy Sefa Boachie and his students from Ghana

Miss Usher’s standard 3 class from Punta Gorda, Belize

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How will it work?

Students from all classes will connect and collaborate by sharing their stories, experiences, thoughts and opinions about a variety of themes. This will happen through the blog and involve a variety of media.

A different class will “lead” a topic each week, publishing posts and replying to comments. Topics will be based on students’ interests such as school games, hobbies, food, local environment etc. The other classes will read the posts, possibly publish their own posts, and leave blog comments.

The learning

Through the blog comments, students from the different classes will have conversations. Students will gain an understanding of different countries and cultures. They will make comparisons and contrasts between their lives and other students’ lives.

The students will reflect on their own experiences and hopefully develop a curiosity about other students’ stories. They will develop a voice to share their own stories.

Concluding the project

This project will last for seven weeks. Stayed tuned for a culminating celebration in December!

If you want to keep up to date with how the fun and learning unfolds, there is a “subscribe via email” box on the right hand side of this blog.

  • #1 written by Liz
    about 2 years ago

    Well done all involved, I hope everyone has fun. Have you thought also about exchanging postcards of where you live with each other. You can display these in your classrooms. Regards Liz (Melbourne, Australia)

    • #2 written by Mrs Kathleen Morris
      about 2 years ago

      @ Liz,

      Thanks for your comment! Most classes are involved in Sarah Leakey’s postcard project and in fact we do have postcards on display in our room! :) Most classes have had an ongoing blogging relationship for a couple of years now and we enjoy doing different projects. So far, the kids are really enjoying Our World, Our Stories!


  • #3 written by Jasmine dwyer
    about 2 years ago

    Hi all!
    My class plotted you all on a world map yesterday. We talked about the benefits of cultural collaborations and learning beyond the classroom walls and borders of govt. Congratulations on trail blazing an important and exciting message to out next generation. You should be all so very proud. My class will be following you eagerly!

    • #4 written by Mrs Kathleen Morris
      about 2 years ago

      @ Jasmine,

      Thanks for checking out our project! We really appreciate your support and look forward to a few comments from your students in the coming weeks if they’d like to get involved.


  • #5 written by Mr. Alvaro
    about 2 years ago

    Hi, if you are going to try this in the near future my 5th grade would love to be involved in any way we can.

    Mr. Alvaro

    • #6 written by Mrs Kathleen Morris
      about 2 years ago

      @ Mr Alvaro – great, thanks for the offer! Meanwhile, if you need advice about starting your own global project, I have put together a few tips here.

      Kathleen Morris

  • #7 written by Mrs. Yammine
    about 2 years ago

    Hello Everyone,

    This project is awesome! This is something I have contemplated doing for a long time however I have been unable to find 4th grade classes from around the world to collaborate with. If any of you know of any 4th grade classes my students can work with, please let me know.

    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Yammine

    • #8 written by Audrey Nay
      about 2 years ago

      Mrs Yammine,
      It is a great project…we are going to use it as a great starting point for our classes . . . .
      Also, I have 2 Year 4 classes and a few weeks this year that maybe we could say hi with. Where are you from? We are in the North of NSW.

      • #9 written by Anonymous
        about 2 years ago

        Hello Ms. Nay,

        Thank you for the reply. My class is located in Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA. I would appreciate any opportunity for our classes to communicate with each other. Please contact me if you have any time available. Thank you! Mrs. Yammine

  • #10 written by Alastair Humphreys
    about 2 years ago

    I’ll be brief as I don’t know if you’ll read this…
    I am a British adventurer, author and teacher.
    I am about to row across the Atlantic Ocean and I am looking for schools to phone up from the middle of the ocean! I’ll be at sea for two months.
    If you’re interested please drop me an email (before January 2, sadly…)
    Thank you!

  • #11 written by Dianne de Villiers
    about 2 years ago

    Hello from Somerset West, just outside Cape Town at the tip of Africa. What an awesome project. We would love to join in something like this in the future. Best wishes for a fantastic 2012!
    Somerset College Preparatory

    • #12 written by Mrs Kathleen Morris
      about 2 years ago

      Dear Dianne,

      Thank you so much! We’re on holidays at the moment but we’ll let you know about future projects.

      Thanks again,
      Kathleen Morris

  • #13 written by Mr George
    about 2 years ago

    Wow! What a fab project!

    We have just got started blogging and would love to be part of any future projects like this.

    Very inspiring!

    Steve George
    Prescot Primary
    Nr. Liverpool
    England, UK

    • #14 written by Mrs. Yammine
      about 2 years ago

      Hello Mr. George,
      I am looking for classes to collaborate on future projects like this one. I have a 4th grade class in Connecticut, USA. Please contact me at the above email address if you would be interested in working on a project with our class. It could be of smaller scale too.
      Mrs. Yammine

  • #15 written by jansen1964
    about 2 years ago

    I am new to this. I would love to involve my students in such a project. I live and work in Loganville, GA.

  • #16 written by cynthia
    about 2 years ago


    It’s me again, Cynthia, 3rd grade teacher in Asheville, NC. Is there any way we can join in the fun? As I said, I am from England and taught in Italy for many years and have very interested 3rd graders that want to learn about other schools and countries.

    Our blog address: http://cynthiawatkins.edublogs.org/

    Let us know!


  • #17 written by thegword
    about 2 years ago
  • #18 written by sarah
    about 2 years ago

    what a gorgeous blog and i love the idea! will definitely try something similar with my class in the coming year. :) well done!


  • #19 written by Lucinda Garvey
    about 2 years ago

    What a wonderful way for children to come together. I would love to involve my students next school year. What do I have to do? thanks!