Connecticut, USA

We love listening to Mrs. Yollis’ class sing This Land is Your Land, 2KM & 2KJ singing G’Day, G’Day and B4 singing Haere Mai. It is so fun to hear different songs from around the world!

We are going to share a short song that has been sung at American baseball games for over 70 years. If you’ve ever been to a baseball game in the U.S.A. you’ve probably heard this song before! We hope you enjoy it:


We sing this song a lot at our school assemblies, and the line, “Root, root, root for the home team always gets a little bit loud! When you sing this song, you typically say the name of your favorite team in place of the words “home team”.

So at our assemblies some of us sing “root, root, root for the Red Sox!” while others sing “root, root, root for the Yankees!” because these are the two most popular baseball teams where we live.


What are the popular home sports teams where you live?

What is your favorite professional sport to cheer for?

What did you think of the song? Do you have any questions about it?