In Belize, Anansi stories became part of the tradition when slaves were brought to the Americas from Africa. Since then they have stayed popular and there are many stories about this mischievous Half Spider-Half Man.

Who are the popular characters in YOUR stories?
Are they mischievous like Anansi?


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Hi My name is N’gaii.

Hi my name is Vanya.

Brer Anansi and Brer Tiger Riding Horse

Both Brer Tiger and Brer Anansi loved the beautiful Ms. Selena and were trying hard to win her heart. Anansi knew it was difficult to compete with Tiger because Tiger was big and strong. He decided to play a trick on Tiger. Anansi spread the rumor around the entire village and he also personally told Ms. Selena that Tiger was his riding horse. Word got out to Brer Tiger, who was furious. Everyone was teasing and making fun of him. When Brer Anansi heard that Brer Tiger was looking for him, he ran home, put an egg in his mouth, and oiled his face so he would look sick. He got under his blanket and waited. When he heard a bang on the door and shouting, he pretended he could barely speak. Eventually Brer Tiger got in. Brer Anansi rolled his eyes so only the white parts showed. He began groaning as though he was in terrible pain. He begged Brer Tiger to take him to the doctor and promised that they would settle the matter as soon as he was well. He kept on groaning and soon after, broke the egg in his mouth and pretended like he was vomiting. Brer Tiger got frightened and worried. He quickly offered to take him to the doctor. Pretending to be sick, so weak and couldn’t walk, Anansi kept on groaning. Brer Tiger picked him up gently and put him on his back. Anansi said to Brer Tiger, can you please hand me the stick that is leaning in the corner so I can have it to help me walk when I get to the doctor. Tiger did as he was told.

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He gave the stick to Brer Anansi as Brer Tiger began to leave. Brer Anansi said Brer Tiger,  “I am so weak. Can you please tie a rope around your neck so I can hold on good I’m afraid I’m going to fall. Again he did as he was told. They then left for the hospital. Ms. Selena was sitting under a tree in the main area of the village, selling delicious food. Most of the villages gathered around laughing and talking since it was Saturday evening, none of them were working. As soon as Brer Anansi saw that they were approaching the crowd he dug his heels into Brer Tiger’s back, held onto the rope as tight as he could and whipped Brer Tiger with the piece of stick as hard as he could. The pain whipped through Brer Tigers body and he took off running. Everyone laughed and shouted, “Brer Tiger is Brer Anansi’s riding horse for real!” When they reached an area where Brer Anansi knew it was safe to get away, he jumped off of Tigers back and hurriedly climbed a tall tree. Brer Tiger stood under the tree and waited. Hours came and went but Brer Anansi did not come down. Eventually Brer Tiger got hungry and left to look for food. Brer Anansi climbed down and ran away to safety.